State files

When you build your datafiles, Featurevisor generates some additional JSON files that are used to keep track of the most recently deployed build of your project. These files are called state files.


They are located in the .featurevisor directory. You don't have to deal with them directly ever.

What do they contain?

Traffic allocation

Traffic allocation information is important to keep track of so that the next build can maintain consistent bucketing for your users against individual features.


Next to the JSON files for traffic allocation, it will also create and maintain a REVISION file which an integer value incremented by every successful build.

This revision number will be present in your generated datafiles.

Committing state files

It is recommended that you keep your state files in the Git repository, but not manually commit them yourself when sending Pull Requests.

We will learn more about it in Deployment.

Restoring state files

If you have already built your datafiles, you can restore the state files to the last known state in Git by running:

$ npx featurevisor restore

This will only work if the state files already exist in the Git repository.

Building datafiles