Building blocks


Attributes are the building blocks of creating segments. They are the properties that you can use to target users.

Create an attribute

Let's create an attribute called country:

# attributes/country.yml
type: string
description: Country

type and description are the minimum required properties for an attribute.


These types are supported for attribute values:

  • boolean
  • string
  • integer
  • double
  • date

Capturing attributes

This is useful for tracking purposes when we deal with feature activations using Featurevisor SDKs.

Let's create a new attribute called userId:

# attributes/userId.yml
type: string
description: User ID
capture: true

If an attribute is marked as capture: true, then it will be captured by the SDKs when features are activated.


You can archive an attribute by setting archived: true:

# attributes/country.yml
archived: true
type: string
description: Country