Feature management for developers with GitOps.

Manage your feature flags, experiments, and remote configuration declaratively from your Git repository.

description: Show cookie banner in EU
- web
- mobile
- segments: EU
percentage: 100
- segments: "*" # everyone else
percentage: 0

Works with your favourite languages and frameworks


Everything you need

Open Source & Purposefully Built

Carefully assembled set of features delivered to you as an Open Source tool to help you build better products, without locking you into any enterprise contract.

Feature flags
Classic feature toggles with on/off variations for enabling/disabling certain features.
Go beyond just boolean variations with multivariates enabling experimentation and A/B testing.
Target your audience with fine-grained conditions to control who sees what.
Gradual rollouts
Avoid big bang releases and roll out your features gradually to your users.
Conditional variables
Don't just store plain variable values, but also make them dynamic based on conditions for your runtime configuration.
Consistent bucketing
Makes sure the same user always sees the same variation across all devices and applications.
Multiple environments
No need to stop at just production and staging. Create as many environments as you need.
Tag your features accordingly so you only load the ones you need and nothing more, to keep your applications free of bloat.
Force bucketing
Allow your testers to force enable/disable certain features for themselves.
SDKs support tracking so you can measure how your features perform by integrating with your favourite analytics service.
Status site generator
Generate static website from your repository to show the status of your features and experiments to your wider organization.
Universal SDKs
Use JavaScript SDK in both Node.js and the browser. Swift and Kotlin SDKs are planned next for going cross-platform.

Deploy anywhere

Cloud-Native Architecture

Bring your own CI/CD tool and CDN, and Featurevisor will take care of the rest.

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud
Mircosoft Azure

Manage with Git

Streamlined workflow for teams

Three simple steps to visualize the workflow:

1. Send Pull Requests

Your team sends Pull Requests to your Featurevisor project repository updating attributes, segments, and/or features.

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2. Build and upload to CDN

Upon the merge of your Pull Request, trigger your CI/CD pipeline to build the datafiles and upload them to your CDN.

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3. Fetch and consume with SDKs

Fetch the datafiles from your applications and/or services, and evaluate features using provided Featurevisor SDKs.

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