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Introducing Featurevisor v0.1

An idea was bugging me for some time, so I finally decided to express it in the form of an Open Source project.

Introducing Featurevisor v0.1: Feature management solution for developers, available on GitHub.

It's very early and expected to be buggy. But would welcome any feedback so it has the chance to grow over time.

What does it do?

If you are a developer, you probably have used feature flags in your code before. You might have used a third party service or you might have rolled your own solution.

Featurevisor does exactly that, but with everything managed declaratively in a Git repository building on top of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles. There's no GUI involved to manage your features. You just write your features in a YAML file and commit it to your Git repository.

A repository that is separate from your application repositories so that the config changes can go live independently without having to deploy your application again.

Why build it?

I have been using feature flags in my code for a long time across various projects in different companies. I have learned a lot of common patterns and also several pitfalls that I wish to avoid in the future.

And I have poured all of that learning into Featurevisor. You may benefit from it as well.

What to expect?

Expect lots of development in the coming months.

I have a lot of ideas that I want to implement. But I would love to hear your early feedback and suggestions as well.